QuantumShield Technologies have partnered with NTT Com-Netmagic is now a part of the NTT Communications Group which has a datacenter footprint of 250+* datacenters around the globe.

Facilities Infrastructure

Our datacenters combine high-speed Internet backbones with robust peering agreements to ensure speedy and effective distribution of data and are designed to eliminate even a single point of failure.

  • Complete redundancy on all systems
  • Robust peering agreements
  • Local loop connectivity across datacenters
  • Designed for availability, reliability and scalability
  • Carrier Neutral Bandwidth Services

At NTT Com-Netmagic, have state-of-the-art facilities are engineered for complete redundancy on all systems. This ensures that if even one of the components were to fail, the remaining ‘n’ components would automatically take up the load with absolutely no reduction in the level of performance of the datacenter.

Co-location Services

Reliability, connectivity and security for your server, storage & network infrastructure

NTT Com-Netmagic gives you a powerful mix of state-of-the-art facilities, industry leading SLAs and global best practices in co- location and managed hosting services. Our customers benefit from our nearly two decades of experience around co-location infrastructure, datacenter migration and security.

Why Co-location Services

  • Pay-as- you-use model for computing and network resources
  • Self-service portal experience for provisioning, monitoring and management of Virtual Machines
  • Ready to use Integrated Hybrid Cloud. Can be integrated with public, private or other virtual private cloud service
  • Flexibility to maintain QOS for workloads from unique architecture
  • DBaaS: Easy configuration of RDBMS of MySQL and SQL from portal
  • Vertical and horizontal auto-scaling
  • DBaaS: Easy configuration of RDBMS of MySQL and SQL from portal
  • Fire Detection/Suppression – NOVEC 1230, HSSD
  • Hyprescale and high-density datacenters pan-India datacenters are situated at major business districts (Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi)
  • World-class, dedicated datacenters, located in private campus with strong physical infrastructure
  • Compliant with TIA942, IS 1893, NFPA, DIN 41494 and EIA 310 standards
  • Compromise assessment, Red team solutions
  • Industry leading standards with 3 KVA - 14 KVA rated power rack options
  • Scalable Connectivity with Multiple Levels of Redundancy
  • Certified CDCS, CDCE professionals and proven tools
  • Security & Compliance: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005, PCI-DSS
  • CCTV monitoring on all the access points and critical areas
  • We cover all major cable systems to India: SAFE, SEAMEWE4, SEAMEWE3, FEA / Falcon, i2i
  • All datacenters built to Tier III Standards
  • Multiple service options to suit specific enterprise requirements
  • All leading telecom service providers are present at all our datacenters
  • Full customization on security, cabling and power feeds
  • All major international carrier cables’ have their POP’s present within the datacenters
  • Multiple Support Options: 24x7 Advanced Support, Business Day Advanced Support
  • Full customization on security, cabling and power feeds
  • Multiple Support Options: 24x7 Advanced Support, Business Day Advanced Support
  • Custom-designed racks in per-device increments of 1U, 2U, 3U, etc.
  • Multi route Fiber Redundancy
  • Half, or full-rack space, with cage options
  • Redundant UPS systems with redundant diesel generator backup
  • Per-server (U-wise) colocation service
  • Redundant Precision Climate Control systems
  • Process restarts
  • Threshold alarms
  • Server reboots

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Performance, Reliability, Security, Cloud Ready

Accelerate your business with dedicated high-performance compute resources delivered in physical and virtual models with Dedicated Hosting Service. Tap into the raw horsepower of our bare metal servers with a versatile range of compute blocks and flexible OS licensing options. For your virtualized workload needs, we provide an end-to-end managed private cloud. Our specially curated private cloud environment ensures security of dedicated infrastructure, while enabling complete agility. And, when you need ultra-quick go-live, choose from our readily available, cost optimized in-stock server range that will have you up and running almost immediately.

When you choose Managed Dedicated Hosting, you have the option to pick and choose from our complete range of managed services that address connectivity, monitoring, security, continuity and more.

Bare Metal Servers

High-performance compute with comprehensive security

Our bare metal servers provide a powerful configuration for your high-load, performance-dependent, mission-critical requirements. Get access to the raw horsepower and high-performance compute you demand for your processor-intensive applications, along with our complete suite of infrastructure services to enable seamless management and control. Ensure complete control, security, performance and flexibility with Bare Metal Servers.

Why Bare Metal Servers

  • Zero CAPEX on hardware and software with competitive Monthly Rentals
  • Greater security with a single-tenant bare metal server
  • Single infrastructure managed solution
  • Highly scalable
  • Customized plans bundled with installation, colocation, bandwidth, OS, Inframonitor, Inframanage, initial patching, OS hardening
  • Flexible OS licensing options and versatile range of compute blocks.
  • Cloud ready
  • Connectivity to multiple pay-as-use services, viz, backup, security, storage, etc.
  • 99.95% of uptime guaranteed in the SLA

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